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Everfoam Products

At EverFoam Products we design reusable party decor and other reusable products that span a wide range of retail categories that include home decor, toys, fashion and accessories.

Our design method is patent pending

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Traci Jones is the Founder of EverFoam Products and a Mechanical Engineer (BS), Systems Engineer (MS) and Technical Program Manager (PMP). Ms. Jones has 18 years of corporate experience (Apple, IBM and Lenovo), where she has developed consumer-focused products (mainframe servers and digital technology). She applies analytics to inform solutions to complex business questions, while assessing results on an ongoing basis (quantitative and qualitative). She is Program Manager for enterprise-wide product portfolios and Manager of enterprise-wide cross functional technical teams and vendors. As an entrepreneur, Ms. Jones has become dedicated to providing an alternate solution to helium use in non-vital products.